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Social and Digital "I Voted Stickers" 

Increasing Member Engagement and Voter Turnout

The number one goal most organizations share is to increase member engagement and increase voter turnout in their elections. Election-America continuously strives to find innovative and effective ways to suit our partners' needs. 

Election-America recognized that the way in which most people gather their news and communicate with their peers is through social media.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Election Central®, our team of innovators added brand new social media features to provide you with the most value your election holds. Election-America is proud to announce the launch of Election Central® 10.

Online voting with Election Central® 10 will now feature Social Media Share Buttons that create a digital version of the "I Voted" sticker. Social media integration buttons will increase member engagement not only with your organization’s social media campaigns, but also with your members’ social audience - their friends, peers, and other followers.  

After their vote has been cast, your members will have the option to interact with social media share buttons. Members can select to share through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Tumblr that they voted (not who they voted for) and can encourage others to do so as well.

The content that is populated with the social media share buttons is configurable so if there is a specific message you would like to use, Election-America can easily accommodate your needs. 

Cast your vote today for the (Your Organization's Name) election! Make your voice heard!

Election-America offers communications consulting and and expert social media campaign advice. Take advantage of our free consultation services and schedule a demonstration today. 

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