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Election Services Legal Associations Trust and Rely On

With members that are constantly on the go and busy, legal groups find it difficult to keep their members engaged. A common goal for many of the legal groups we work with is to utilize their election cycle to improve member participation.

Election-America’s secure and configurable services and technology have what it takes to conduct flawless elections and improve member participation.

Election-America successfully processes millions of votes annually. Our custom ballot designs are cost-effective and have been tested for usability. Election-America provides expert voting methods to cover all your needs - online voting, paper ballots, telephone voting, on-site convention voting, and combinations of all the above.

Take advantage of the opportunity your election cycle brings to reconnect with your members and increase member engagement and participation! 

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When you partner with Election-America you can expect:

  • Increased voter turnout
  • Lowered election costs
  • Verifiable, real-time results
  • Voting solutions that fit exactly what you're looking for
  • Top-of-the-line security
  • Full access to the tools you need to manage your election


"Your system was perfectly suited for us, was easy to use, and satisfied all of our security concerns.”

- American Association for Justice


Optimize On-Site Voting - Let Members Vote From Smart Phones