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Download and Share Election Reports

Election Management Made Simple

Having access to the information you need to manage your election is the key to a successful election. Always striving to find innovative and effective ways to suite our partners' needs, Election-America is proud to announce the launch of Election Central® 10.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Election Central®, our team of innovators added brand new reporting tools to Election Central®, providing you with the data you need to ensure your election is a success.

With Election Central® and Election Manager™ all the information you needed to manage your election was already available with just the click of a button. With Election Central® 10 you are now able to quickly and easily download and share those reports and real-time data with your team.

  • Real-Time Reports You Can Download and Share: All reports can be downloaded into an Excel file you can easily share with your team. Detailed reports on turnout peaks and lulls can provide great insight as to what your members care about and their voting and communication preferences.
  • History Compare Reports: Review how election turnout compares over the years. Now you can easily analyze trends spikes and drops in voting patterns to determine what your members truly care about.

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